Cambridge Bootcamp

Forget about weight! 30/09/14


Far too many people still pay too much attention to the amount they weigh and numbers!

Unless you’re training to meet a specific weight class eg. for boxing or combat sports, then why should weight even matter?

Weight as a means to tracking progress for fat loss and looking good, is about as old school as ADIDAS poppers. (or sit-ups to get a six-pack)


If you’re training for the way you look, then surely it makes sense to pay attention to… THE WAY THAT YOU LOOK!


Take regular photo’s!

My suggestion would be at monthly intervals. That’s time enough to show a clear visible change (and if it’s not then you may want to question your training and/or nutrition protocols)

And ask yourself this:

Would I rather weigh my ‘ideal’ weight and not be happy with the way that I look. Or would I rather look the exact way I’d like to and not give two shits amount numbers.

^^^ My money’s on the latter.

Weight can be misleading & demotivating, and actually tells you VERY little about your current state of health and/or body composition.

Save yourself the stress of numbers; Increased complications will always have a direct negative affect on adherence.

It is ALWAYS about consistency!

Forget about weight and forget about calories. Eat correctly for the majority of the time, exercise using correct and proven training methods, and take regular photo’s.

That will be more than enough to see you progress to a healthier and happier body.