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The Fat Burning Zone 22/03/14


The fat burning zone… what a load of pish!


I’m sure at one point or another, you’ve heard the words‘but that’s working in the fat burning zone’ – so it must be super effectivefor burning fat right?... WRONG!!



Let’s take it back to basics for a second!... Reeeewiiiind!


OK…So to fuel activity your body pretty much relies on 2different energy sources: carbohydrates (glucose) and fat.


It all depends on the intensity of the exercise to the ratiosin which each are used, but generally when you’re doing higher intensity stuffyour body burns more carbs and when doing lower intensity stuff it burns morefat.


Carbs=anaerobic (higher intensity), Fat=aerobic (lowerintensity)


So in actual fact there is such thing as a fat burning zone,yes! Is it effective for fat loss and getting you results?... Not really!


Here’s the thing.


If you’re heart rate is beating at around 50% up to 70% ofyour maximum heart rate (220 minus your age), then you are officially in the ‘fatburning zone’, and burning more fat from calories than you are carbs. BUT, theintensity of the fat burning zone is pretty low and the total number ofcalories burnt isn’t a lot.


Whereas if your heart is beating around 80-100%, 1) You areworking your ass off and 2) You are burning more carbs than you are fat. BUT!!!Thetotal number of calories beingburnt is much greater, so a far larger number of calories from fat and carbs are being burnt. Makersense?


NOTE: You’re neverexclusively burning calories from one or the other, and obviously you get apoint when there’s a pretty even mix.


Let me put it like this!


Say you have a smallglass of Gin and Tonic; its 60% gin and 40% tonic (yes we like it strong) –you’re in the gin zone ;)


Now what if you have a litreof Gin and Tonic, 60% tonic and 40% gin. Technically you’re in the toniczone, but the total amount of alcohol consumed is going to be much more right?!  You’re going to get a lot more woozy!


Same with the fat burning zone…


Yes you are burning more fat than carbs in ratio but thetotal calories expended nowhere near meets the number of calories burnt athigher heart rates. – More calories burnt, more gin consumed! It’s all aboutTOTALS my friend!




When you work anaerobically (Higher intensity) you createenergy without the presence of oxygen. This creates an oxygen debt calledE.P.O.C. (excess post exercise oxygen consumption).


It’s pretty much anafter burn that forces your body to keep burning calories after the workout isover; to restore all internal conditions back to normal. So you burn caloriesat an elevated rate for up to 36 hours after the workout is over –SWEEEET!    Obviously this gets youquicker results.


Also E.P.O.C switches your body into a fat burning machine,forcing it to burn said calories from stored body fat! YESSS!!


Your anaerobic energy system is best utilized at intensity’sthat last between 0-2 minutes, but you have to be going as hard as you can (tothe point of slowing right down after 2 minutes)


Ever heard of HIIT (High intensity interval training)???


– This is the sciencebehind it, working as hard as you can for short bursts. But it does genuinelyneed to be as hard as possible; otherwise you’re just working aerobically withrests (which won’t be effective)




Don’t be a treadmill/x-trainer battery hen! – I see it FARTOO MUCH!


Long, slow and boring‘cardio’ is ineffective, and is actually proven to be counter productive, as itforces your body to break down muscle mass for energy – which will hinder yourfat loss goals further. BAD TIMES!


Ditch the treadmill, jogging and steady state cardio! If youwant real results focus on full body resistance training and anaerobic intervals!


There’s loads of ways of doing this! It’s far moreeffective, far more fun and ultimately gets you far better RESULTS – which is whatit’s all about!


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Tom ‘don’t be a battery hen’ Kynaston