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She's no pussy 27/2/15


In actual fact she’s proven herself a tiger!




You may remember me talking about a consultation I had with someone in the ‘unpolished’ studio a few weeks ago…


Or you may not...


Either way, the result of said consultation was me training a girl named Cat for a few weeks, in preparation to meet with her boyfriend.


She wanted to look her best for him and hit it pretty hard for a short period of time.


3 sessions a week for 4 weeks


And obviously followed our proven nutrition guidelines


(Which are pretty darn easy to stick to btw)


Here’s her shots ->

















I’ll also nab a quick video with her when she’s back from the valleys, so she can talk briefly about her experience and how much she hated training with me ;)


Obviously Cat was fairly small to begin with so the WEIGHT loss wasn’t massive.


^^^ Remember ‘WEIGHT loss’ and ‘FAT loss’ are 2 completely different things!


But the PICS show a clear difference


And again reinforce my ‘pay more attention to pictures than ANYTHING else’ approach to monitoring progress.


‘If you’re training for the way you look then pay attention to the way you look’


That definitely won’t be the last time you hear me say that ;)




I know what you might be thinking…


‘Cat’s way smaller than I am, she didn’t have anything to worry about’


No reason to be self-conscious


No reason to fear not being able to do the exercises


Cat may or may not be smaller than you are right now, but at Fitness Camp we have people on board of ALL different shapes and sizes


No Eric Prydz – Call on me, video extras


Just normal people


Some bigger than others. Some more experienced. Some just starting out


But all there for the same thing


To improve the way they look & feel, and support each other in doing so


And to have abit of a giggle at the same time


No judging


No one getting left behind


No one feeling uncomfortable


Just doing what needs to be done in a friendly environment and reaping the benefits of a super effective exercise plan


So if you want to come and try things out under no obligation


Where you can leave AT ANY POINT if things don’t measure up to what I’ve just stated


(It hasn’t happened to date)


Then just click here -> - For the full details and to reserve your space for our trial week starting on the 9th of March


We will be DEFINETLY be filling up any day now


So I would strongly advice that you act TODAY if you want in


-Committed to your fat loss and fitness success-


Tommy Transformation :)


PS. As you’re aware; Cat’s changes were made over 28 days.


Are you still trying to lose fat and get back into shape?


Were your changes as visible as Cats are over the last 4 weeks?


If they weren’t then you could be training and eating more effectively.


If you’re doing everything right then you should definitely be seeing visible changes in one month.


And if you’re not then change what you’re doing


This is a personal invite to come along on the 9th and learn EXACTLY what you need to do the replicate those results.


And you can just take away the free info if you don’t want to continue with us at the end of the week.


Here's that link again ->


I would love to help you out!

Cambridge Bootcamp
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