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Cambridge Bootcamp

Cambridge Bootcamp -

Thank god that's over... 2/6/15



Call me a bore,

An old stick in the mud,

But I’m truly glad that spell of bank holidays is done and dusted!

I think maybe I’m just abit OCD when it comes to my routines

But the time off always leaves me feeling like crap

And makes the next week a complete mission to get though

Specially when I’m trying to cram 5/6 days of work into 4

And I’m sleep deprived

Poor me!

Anyways I’ll get to the point

My training took abit of a hit last week

Truth be told I wasn’t back ‘onnit’ properly till Thursday

And it got me thinking…

See sometimes I forget to give quite as much empathy as I should to someone just starting out

Sure I know it’s tough, but you get SOO used to what you’re doing right?

Cue cliché quote:

‘Breaking old habits is hard, maintaining new ones is easy’


See I’ve been doing this ‘fitness thing’ for a long time now,

It’s just the way things are for me

But after a few days ‘off’, a holiday, a boozy weekend away

Getting back into it gives me an idea of just how hard it must be for someone literally just starting out.

Here’s the thing

And I hand on my heart promise you this

It gets easier!

SOO MUCH easier!

Starting out is BY FAR the hardest part about it

And as long as you’re doing enough of what needs to be done to make trackable progress 

And you’re maintain some degree of consistency

It gets SOOO much easier, I promise!

Here’s what I’ll have you consider…

And I may get a few unsubscribes for this

But if that’s the case, then so be it

Telling people what they WANT to hear truly benefits NO-ONE

Cept maybe someone going through a breakup 


Anyways take it in:

‘What’s more painful? 

The discomfort associated with exercise, eating foods that maybe aren’t your favourites and the idea of having to make some small sacrifices. 


Your body staying in the exact shape it is and probably getting worse for the rest of your life?’

^^^ That’s a decision that needs to be made asap, because if you aren’t moving forwards then you’re moving backwards.

And the more you move backwards and get your wheels stuck in the mud, the more difficult finally moving forwards actually becomes.

Let me say this

Whatever effort you’re currently making towards your health, your fitness, your body

Stick at it! 

If you’re seeing positive progress; even as small as simply feeling healthier, fitter, stronger

Then you’re doing great!

And you’re making more progress than A LOT of people will make in their entire life

Stick at it!

And always remember that nothing worth having is easy

But is absolutely worth it in the end!

Have a great day!

Tommy K

PS. No real PS on this one. 

I just want to share a picture with you that I really like, which sort of relates to what I’m harping on about:


Cambridge Bootcamp

BTW - The post pic is from one of the Cenotes (sink-holes) that we visited in Mexico...




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