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Semi-Private Personal Training

This programme is going to be the perfect solution for anybody wanting to bridge the gap between 'Bootcamp' and 'One-on-one' style training.


And with the main focus being around barbell exercises and suspension training. This will be the ideal opportunity for anybody looking to get strong & lean, in addition to achieving the weight loss, toning and fitness results that our programmes our renowned for.

Here's the thing...

We’ve honed this programme and it WON'T be a good fit for everyone.

It's certainly NOT for people who aren't prepared to work and dedicate themselves to results.

It's also NOT for people who aren't prepared to make changes to their nutrition.

The session days and times for this programme are also very specific and will need to be taken

into account:

- Tuesday - 6:25-7:15am


- Thursday - 6:25-7:15am

- Saturday - 7:25-8:25am

Applicants MUST be able to attend all 3 training sessions per week for the duration of this programme.

The sessions take place at Flamsteed Road, Cambridge. CB1 3QU.


If all of the conditions above sound unrealistic and unlikely to be adhered to, then unfortunately this

programme won't be worth applying for.


However. We may have alternative training solutions available to suit a different schedule to that of

which is stated above.

(Check out our Facebook page/website for information on those)


Ultimately this programme is for anyone that wants to take their body-shape results to the next level.


This 4 week transformation includes:


➤ How to reduce from problematic areas


➤ Our simple and easy nutrition plan that shows specifically what to eat, why and when so that we can take away the complex confusion, making nutrition enjoyable and easy

➤ Blasting structured workouts to maximise results, improve posture and tighten & tone the body

➤ Expert coaching, guidance and support


➤ A unique & awesome group of people and training atmosphere

➤ We guide clients through a 4 week programme that will help to get the body stronger, leaner and

fitter than ever before.

➤ We hold clients accountable to finally getting the results that they deserve…

Everything that we do is APPLICATION only, reason being we only want to work with the most dedicated people that are READY to make a transformation.

Once applications are submitted, we review them and call to discuss goals.

If we know we can help and that it's a a good fit, then we'll discuss how to go about getting started.

All of the programmes we run at TK Total Fitness are results guaranteed with full money back.

Meaning we take all of the risk.


Apply now to make a transformation                               

Timetable for Semi-Private Training

Tuesday - 6.25-7.15AM


Thursday - 6.25-7.15AM


Saturday - 7.25-8.25AM 

At Flamsteed Road - Addressed below.

Cambridge Bootcamp

Do let us know if attending all of those days and times may prove difficult, as following successful application we may be able to offer you a custom package utilising our larger group training too.

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