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Please DON'T do these things! 22/5/14


Uncle Tommy’s back in business!


You may or may not have noticed (hopefully you have) that you haven’t been receiving any correspondence from recently. I’ve moved house over the past few days and didn’t have the internet for a while.


Sorta refreshing, but I now feel well out of the loop!


Moving house is complete pish right!? Not knowing what you have, very limited communication and living out of boxes for a couple of days! Not good for an organisational freak like myself! And I still don’t have a washing machine so I’ll be turning my pants inside out for a few days yet!


Anywho here I am and I want to talk to you today about excuses and how to deal with them! A list of oooo so common reasons ‘why not’ and the ways in which I feel you should view these ‘obstacles’. Remember unless it’s a genuine reason it’s an excuse, and excuses won’t get you tight and toned!


1)                   I don’t have time –


First and foremost; anyone that doesn’t have children or care for someone else full time doesn’t have a corner to fight here and CAN’T possible use this as a reason. People that do will still have a hard time trying to blag it. 3 x 45 minute session’s a week is all it takes. 99% of people have time.


2)                   I don’t like it -


When it comes to nutrition, this is one that’s heard a lot.


Accept that not everything is going to be your favourite and that you should take SOME bad with the good. Granted some people have a few things that they HATE! I CAN’T stand rocket, bleeuugghh! But with the majority of things, you must accept the fact that just because it’s not your favourite is not a good enough reason not to eat it… if you’re serious about getting sexy that is! The same goes for exercise.


If the flat tummy benefits far outweigh a little discomfort just get it done.


3)                  I’m too tired! -


OK how’s your nutrition been? Bearing in mind that nutrition plays a HUGE roll in your energy levels and the way you feel (not just the way you look), if you’ve not been eating right then you won’t feel right… you’ll feel tired. You see how it works right!?


But we all live busy lives and we all have long days. And sometimes you simply won’t FEEL like training, that’s completely understandable. Just except it as something that HAS to be done; an extension to the working day and completely non-negotiable… Then you’ll never miss a training session again, knowing that when it’s done you’ll feel GREAT!


I don’t always feel like training, I’ll tell you that right now. But sometimes you’ve just got to do what you don’t feel like doing. 21st century living is far too comfortable, we as human beings are designed to exert ourselves and are perfectly capable of doing things that we don’t always want to do.


I can’t lose weight! –


This one in particular is one that I feel for people on.


You’ve begun a fitness program at the start of the new year as many times as you can remember, but the body fat just doesn’t shift. And now you have it in your head that you must be genetically dis-advantaged and feel that it’s GENUINELY IMPOSSIBLE for you to lose weight.


It’s time to try something new!


Remember if it doesn’t work, don’t do it! Don’t fall into an exercise rut and do what everyone else is doing, especially if you’re not seeing changes. Do something that gets PROVEN results!


If you’re serious about getting in shape, that should be the first thing that you look for when it comes to starting out any fat loss program – PROVEN RESULTS. Otherwise you’re just going on a whim, that’s not a good way to invest your time, effort and money! If proven results don’t exist then how are you expecting it to work for you?


5)                    It’s too hard –


Rule number one… when the exercise is hard the results will come easily. Do what’s hard, endure what’s hard, get to love what hard and what’s hard will soon become easy. Then you can progress (whats more satisfying than getting better at something?). Plus it will get you really MASSIVE results!


Nothing worth having is easy! Be extra ordinary, get uncomfortable with being uncomfortable and all the results you could ask for will follow.


It’s not easy but it’s simple. Get educated, work hard, keep it consistent and make time. That’s it! 3 x 45 minute sessions a week and a few SMART food choices is all it takes!


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Remember a body in motion seeks to stay in motion and a body at rest seeks more rest. All you have to do is get started and you’re program will soon become your lifestyle.


Let me know if you have any questions at all.

Committed to your Fitness and Fat loss Success