My Personal Transformation - 20/06/14


OK I’ve had it a few times from a number of my clients (and friends)



‘How long have you done the whole gym thing?’



‘Have you always looked the way you do?’



‘How long did it take you to get to the way you are now?’



So I’ve done some dig-diggin through the facebook archives and put together the best before and after pictures of myself that I could come up with.



They’re nothing special, but it’s the best I could find. I don’t have ANY old pictures of me in fewer clothes than in this pic I’m afraid. (in the first one I’m dirty because I was paintballing; I didn’t have a fight with the bogeyman)

Cambridge Bootcamp

I’m really not in the habit of taking pictures of myself but the most recent one was taken within the last couple of weeks.


Right then, just to fill you in on the time scale…



I started going to the gym when I was about 17 – weighing around 8 ½ stone I think, I was a right skimpo! (I actually remember weighing less than my girlfriend at the time… not a good look!)



So I went to the gym. Trained like an idiot, ate like an idiot and took advice from idiots. But I got a lot bigger which I guess was my goal at the time, I didn’t really care about putting on fat.



When I was 18/19 I was out drinking most weekends and eating really badly consequently to that, so that certainly didn’t help matters when it came to storing body-fat.



Anyways, I remember I got up to about 14 stone at one point! (3 stone heavier than my current weight)



Around 20 I’d had enough of what I was doing and decided I wanted to be a P.T. and take things a little more seriously than I previously had been.



Reckon it took me around 6 months to get down to the weight and body shape I am now (I always sit around 11 stone) and from then until now I’ve simply maintained where I’m at… it’s become easy!



That’s it!



The fact that I’ve been there, done that and brought the extra-large t-shirt means that I can now take any guess work out of what works for you.



Not just in terms of what theoretically works, but also when it comes to practical application and finding an intensity that works for you as an individual.



Sure I’m male, you’re female. I was younger, you may be older. At the end of the day these are all details that are irrelevant to your success.


Our training protocols work for me and they work for our members (females). Check out our success stories ->here<-



At Feel Fit Fitness Camp we give you a FREE trial run!



1 week to come along and try things out to see if we’re a right fit for each other. If you come along to every session and follow our instruction then you can expect to lose between 4-8lbs within the week and a number or cm’s from your body.



I understand that you may be nervous about attending (everybody is at the start… its normal) but can assure you that there is no reason to be. If you don’t feel completely comfortable after attending your first session then you are free to leave. It’s as simple as that.





Let me know if you have any questions atall.



Tom ‘8 and a half to 14 stone’ Kynaston