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It's ok not to feel ok 9/4/15

Been feeling absolutely drained for the last couple of days

Feel ok today cos I’ve had a chance to catch up on some well needed sleep

But that in combination with a couple of other things I had going on led to a ‘not so good’ start to the week

Everyone has those though!

It is ABSOLUTELY ok not to feel ok!

Let me tell you what I made sure still happened:

ALL of my meals were still based around protein, veg and fruit

I didn’t eat any bread, pasta, cereal – Or any other undesirable carbohydrates

I still took ALL of the health supplements that I usually would

I still made my scheduled training sessions

See the absolute worst thing that you can do when you feel like crap

Is act like crap.

Cos in the couple of days that it SHOULD take you to come out of it

You’ll feel a lot worse.

Feeling rubbish is one thing

Feeling sorry for yourself is another

We are generally not creatures of circumstance

We generally decide what happens in OUR own lives

^^ Not always, but for the most-part

An ‘I’ll do it when I feel like it’ attitude just won’t be enough to cut it I’m afraid

If you’re feeling rubbish…

Stick to your guns and in the short time it will take you to come out of the other side; you’ll be firing on all cylinders


Take the ‘why me’, ‘life’s unfair’, ‘just my luck’ approach to things

And who knows how long it will be till your back on your feet.


I often feel that people ONLY make the correlation between eating healthy/exercise and ‘losing weight’ 

They don’t recognise that food and exercise affects EVERY other aspect of their life






And of course the way you look & your fitness

Feeling shitty is fine

It happens to everyone

Using this as an excuse to eat bad food, stop training and throw all routine out of the window isn’t 

Feel bad?...

Continue to do what you should be doing, saddle up and get on with it

No-one is going to do it for you and in actual fact most people are probably waiting to see you fail

You’ve got a lot of doubters and neigh-sayers to prove wrong

Just get on with it!

Tom ‘keep smiling’ Kynaston

PS. One of the MAIN reasons I feel I HAVE to get on with things is you lot!

My clients & friends, people that read my emails, former clients, Facebook ‘friends’

I’m accountable to you… big time!

Why would you listen to somebody that, for the majority of the time doesn’t walk-the-walk?

You wouldn’t!

So I have to keep going. All of the time!

Who are you actually accountable to?

If you’re looking to get into shape and you don’t have the motivation of an energizer bunny then it needs to be as many people as possible

On top of that they need to actually care!

And not secretly want you to fail cos they’re not prepared to do it themselves 

I am here to hold you accountable!

It’s a big part of what I do.

Yes I’ll tell you the exact food that you need to eat 

Plan super effective workouts for you

Motivate you

And say good job when I can see that you’re trying really hard!

But I’ll also make sure that you’re actually doing the work and consequently, actuallygetting the results.

^^^ If you ever want to compare a gym membership to Fitness Camp then there’s your answer

They’re not even in the same category.


You can click here to apply for a place on our next Camp if you like -> 



You’ll have to wait about 3 and half weeks though I’m afraid



Whatever you’re doing, I believe in you!


Stay strong! :)

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