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I'm lazy... Seriously! 16/04/2014


Yup, you read that right. I lay in late at weekends, I don’t like getting up in the morning and I love doing nothing (especially on sunny days ;D )


People often make the assumption that because somebody is a personal trainer, they must love ALWAYS being active, tuna salads and hate anything that’s not good for them. NOT TRUE!


I’ve never really been big into ANY sports and didn’t really do anything physical until I started going to the gym.


So I’m lazy…




I also accept health, fitness and being lean as something that HAS TO BE DONE!


In my eyes it’s completely non-negotiable. Why would I want to live a life where weakness, illness and discomfort in my own body can easily be avoided simply by making a few educated decisions on food and exercise?


This is how it works…


I find the easiest way for myself to stay in shape all year around and apply it... Simple as that!


I don’t LOVE training every day and I don’t ALWAYS feel like sticking to my schedule, but I accept that there are minimum requirements that must be met in order for me to maintain my current state of health, wellbeing and my physique.


That doesn’t mean that I don’t like a drink or pizza. It just means that I don’t decide to do those things very often otherwise my health and body shape will be compromised.


In short; I’m just like you!


Now… That may not apply to every single person reading this. There may be a couple of people who literally live, eat and breath a certain activity or sport, and that’s great! I love your passion!


But I’m guessing for the vast majority of people, the reason you feel you should train is the same reason I do. To stay lean, healthy and feel confident.


Here’s the thing!


I KNOW what works and I easily apply it to my own training. I also know what works for you, and I apply it to your training too. Minimum time, minimum effort, maximum results!


As little as 3 x 45 minute training sessions a week! (Just over 2 hours out of 168 – anyone can make that sort of time commitment)


A few educated food choices, that’s all it takes!


I take the guess work out of everything and give you the results you desire in the least time, and with as little effort as possible. Meaning getting and staying in shape doesn’t dominate your life or make you miserable, AND that it actually works… QUICKLY!


Here’s the pitch! ;D


Our next fitness camp Trial week starts on the 5th of May and I invite you to attend. This quite honestly is the last chance to get into shape for summer! If you take action NOW, then by July you could be our next 2 month transformation. An express bikini body could be yours; you just have to want it!


I’m also delighted to announce that Feel Fit Fitness Camp has now grown to such a size that we will very shortly be running morning camps too. That means if time commitments are an issue for you, you will soon be able to mix and match between mornings and evening e.g. Monday morning, Wednesday evening, Friday morning.


If you or anyone you know would like to get on board with our next trial week, or you’re interested in joining our morning camp, just reply to this email.


Please note!


Evening Fitness Camp has 5 spaces remaining. Due to limited spaces I only want you to register your place if you’re 100% sure that you’re going to attend our FREE trial week. I had quite a few people register and not turn up last month, and was turning people away as a result of Camp being full.