Cambridge Bootcamp

Excuse or Result 22/01/14


Something that I want you to think about anytime your tempted to miss a session, or stray away from your eating regime (not a diet!)


When it comes to getting into shape, there are only ever going to be 2 outcomes:

1. an EXCUSE



A really simple concept I know, but one of utmost important! I want you to keep this in mind at all times! Any time you're tempted to do something you know you shouldn't, think of the excuse. Is it worth it? Would I approve?


OK... sometimes life genuinely gets in the way and your excuse becomes a REASON (there's a clear difference between the two). But 9 times out of 10 an excuse is just that, a means to get out of what you know you should be doing.


Tell yourself how good you will FEEL after coming to that session you didn't want to do, or not eating that piece of cake you liked the look of. It's as much about feeling good and self accomplishment, as it is actually getting visable results!


Remember this!...


There can be a million and one excuses why you didn't succeed in getting fit, healthy and the body of your dreams - I believe I'v heard almost all them... and the vast majority didn't cut it.

Also note that other people are more than happy to make excuses for you. People don't like it if you're doing something that they're to lazy to do themselves. And even though they don't like to admit it (they may not even be doing it on purpose), they would rather see you fail so you can remain the same. Don't let other people influence your decisions negatively in ANY way!


Or can puff out your chest, crack on through the hard times, and you genuinely won't have to think of any excuses. I won't even have to ask, what I need to see will be visable!


Anytime your thinking of ducking out, or giving up remember this. EXCUSE or RESULT! It can never be both, and I'm sure you will agree, the latter is much more favourable!


That's it!


Keep the results coming, no excuses.


-Commited to your results-


Tom Kynaston


PS. This ended up being longer than I intended, but I really want to emphasise the importance of other people influence on your results.

Some people will support you every step of the way (you've got a good bunch), others not so much. Remember ultimately this is all down to you! Nobody else is going to get results for you, and no one else cares about them as much as you do... OK maybe me! ;)

Do this for you! It's your body, your decisions and your life! Make your own mind up on what important! Screw the people that don't support you! It will be you laughing at the top!