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Do you service your body? 09/04/2014


No, not like that! ;P


I did something the other day that I really don’t like doing... Got my automobile chicky checked!


The reason I dislike carrying out this particular task so much is because you pay money… leave…. come back… and everything’s exactly the same. It feels & looks the same (maybe it even is the same… I think I have trust issues with mechanics I don’t know) but your bank balance doesn’t.


Like buying a weeks’ worth of food, paying for it, then leaving the trolley at the checkout.


I’d be upset about that too… Maybe even more so!


But you do it anyway cos it’s your car and it needs doing. Without it your little beast will live a shortened life and experience problems much sooner than it needs to.




Practically every car owner that cares about their car, gets it serviced right? We all do!


Practically every body owner doesn’t!


Thing about cars is that we can trade em’ in!


When our car has had enough; his tires are worn and he’s come to the end of the road. We trade him in for a newer model and he goes to the scrapyard in the sky. You may have the inconvenience between times of getting another car, but you won’t feel any physical pain (maybe a little emotional) and you know a new model is on the way.


Unfortunately it’s not the same way with our bodies, and the two biggest issues to consider when it comes to them going wrong are:


1)      We feel PHYSICAL pain


2)      There’s no trade ins… no second chances!


Sure we can start swopping bits about and bodging it together to make it last longer when it does start falling apart, but wouldn’t it make sense to prevent it from getting to that stage in the first place?...


The same way we do with our Fiats and Ferraris.


Our bodies and our cars are both very complex machines… there’s a lot going on underneath the hood. The fact that we’re overweight is just an indicator that our body hasn’t been correctly serviced for a long time…


A lot of people often don’t seem to make the correlation between having excess body fat and being genuinely unhealthy. When you service your body and put your HEALTH as high up your prioty list as your seats and a steering wheel, it shows on the outside.




I specialise in rapid fat loss… it’s what I do! But I also sell optimal health as an added bonus. You can’t get permanently lean and sexy without getting permanently healthy too!


Sure you can crash diet, starve yourself, and eat sub 500 calories of whatever and lose ‘WEIGHT’ (probably more muscle than body fat). But you certainly won’t be healthy, and that state of existence isn’t maintainable and won’t be lasting long.


It’s about building a strong, resilient body and looking the way you want to look on a full time basis…

Getting lean and healthy.




If you can afford to service your car, you can afford to service yourself (be it time or money).


I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again…


‘You can have all the love and money in the world. If you don’t have your health then you won’t have your happiness!’


Put yourself first! Worry about your body as much as you do your possessions. There are no trial laps!