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Do you live in a chocolate factory 26/4/14


Been meaning to ping you out an email for ages but I’ve been MEGA busy. Lotta P.T. consultations this week, guess everyone’s feeling guilty from the Easter eggs!


Anyways, I was no saint over Easter. Don’t get me wrong; when I say no saint I don’t mean terrible. But I had a couple of drinks and went out for a couple of meals; which led to me eating more carbs than I normally do. ß That’s a lesson in itself. Sticking to healthy eating is a lot easier when done at home!


One of the meals I went out for was with my Mum and a couple of family friends on the Sunday eve. I dropped round her house for abit before we went out and quickly ended up feeling like Charley in Willy Wonkas Fooking chocolate factory!


A real assortment of delights were on offer! Cakes, chocolate… tarts! She doesn’t make it easy ol mother goose! I swear things weren’t like that when I lived at home!


Going to my mums now reminds me of going to my nans! Is that what happens as people get older… they get sweeter? ;)


Now I like to think of myself as being fairly disciplined but eventually I had a small piece of cake! SHOCK!!




This one is soooo important!


I know it’s an obvious one; but if you’re serious… I mean if you’re REALLY serious and you’re gonna make this work, then you have to do your absolute best not to stock BAD food or have it around you!


I’ve found living on my own for the last couple of years so much easier in terms of sticking to a sensible plan of eating (not a diet!).


If you’re partner/ family/work colleagues are offering you their full support in your quest to get back into shape (which they should be), then encourage them to help you out the best they can by not stocking the stuff that you shouldn’t be eating… Or not letting you know it’s there and hiding it.


Put your blinkers on when you go shopping, only venture down the aisle where you know the things are that you NEED and don’t keep bad food in the house. If it’s there it’s gonna get eaten… IT JUST WILL!


Lesson 2 that resonated with me from mammas chocolate factory:


Shortly after my piece of cake and abit of rice at the meal we had, I went home.


Man- o-man did I have some sugar cravings!


I never usually do… ever!


I usually keep diet lemonade in the fridge at home cos on the odd occasions that I drink, that’s what I have; Vodka, lemonade and Lime. And no, I’m under no illusions that ‘Diet’ drinks are healthy in the slightest. But on the odd occasions that I do drink Lemonade I opt for an aspartame kick over the sugar spike… It’s all about immediate effects on the waist line ;)


Anyhow, I was properly craving it!


I never drink fizzy drinks on their own; in fact I don’t really like them at all. But that sugar spike from earlier on in the evening had dropped and my body was crying out for something sweet, BIG TIME! (Even though it’s not actually sugar)


I’m not gonna bore you with details of what happens to blood sugars when your body converts carbohydrates into glucose, but know a few things:


1)      Sugar spikes lead to storing body fat – simple as that!


2)      Sugar spikes and crashes lead to you feeling tired all the time – carb comer


3)      Sugar spikes and crashes lead to you craving more sugar


Wanna beat sugar cravings?


The best place to start is by NOT EATING SUGAR!




Tom’s takeaways:


Don’t stock bad food and don’t jump on board the sugar spike roller-coaster, it will only lead to consistantly shitty energy levels and storing body fat… not good!