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The latte factor... 30/9/15

Have you ever heard of this concept?

It's an interesting one...

And no it's not how long it takes you to rush to the toilet after having downed your favourite morning beverage.

It's actually a money saving tip, but it can certainly be related to getting into shape also.

It goes like this:

If you save the money that you spend everyday on your luxury coffee, cigarettes (I hope not), or your morning toastie...

Then in 10 years you'd have enough for a deposit on a mortgage (or something along those lines depending on exact expenditure etc.)

Or you could obviously spend it on something much more important (and beneficial to your health and body shape)

But here's how that concept can REALLY be taken across to fitness and getting into shape...

Have you got that one 'bad' habbit that you do every day?

Let me use a quick example:

A client of mine - Emma (you may remember her recent success story with us actually), used to have a glass of wine with dinner every night.

She then stopped doing that and her results turbo charged!

Now she's smokin' hot and more happy than she's ever been with the way that things are.

See it's NOT always about trying to do everything all at once...

Eating nothing but tuna and chicken salads and creating a completely unbearable situation that's GOING to fail

It's about realising that EVERY little action you take has a cumulative long term effect on whatever it is that you're setting out to achieve

Do you get breakfast wrong EVERYDAY?

What about a midday croissant?

Whatever it is, long term it's going to be massively contributing to your success OR ultimately your failure

You can also view this concept in terms of additions rather than solely focusing on taking certain things away

What about adding an effective exercise schedule to your current healthy eating plan...

Won't that make a MASSIVE difference long term?

How about adding protein to every meal, reducing total calories consumed AND adding an exercise schedule?

Boom! Now you're winning!

Little additions and subtractions that long term are going to determine whether or not you get what you want out of LIFE.

It really is that simple!

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