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Cambridge Bootcamps

Cambridge Bootcamps -

We watched a blue movie - 11/5/15



Well actually more of a green one…



Bit of a man film to be honest…



The Avengers!



Cool as a cucumber if you’re into all that though



Crazy special effects…



Big explosions.



Like I said… Man film.



One bit in particular that made me giggle



Quoting Iron man to the Hulks girlfriend



‘You and the Hulk better not be playing hide the Zucchini’



^^^ Simple things ;)



Anyways, me and the Coop went to the cinema to watch this and it got me thinking



Of all the places where sticking to your nutrition plan becomes a problem



The cinema is definitely up there



So I want to tell you what I do



To avoid putting on bodyfat when most other peoples popcorn bags are rustling



(This certainly is no rocket science but you may find it useful):



So if we’re going to watch a film then we’ll usually have something to eat first



There’s always loads of places around cinemas where you can get a good (healthy & tasty) meal



So rule numero uno - have a decent meal or something to eat prior to going in



Rule number 2 (maybe a little controversial this one ha) – Take your own stuff in



Coops is usually my drug mule in this because she’s the one with the bag



So she takes for me (along with my crack cocaine):



A bottle of water



And some mixed nuts (maybe with some raisins if I’m feeling frivolous haa)



^^^ Whatever the shop sells 



But no sweets



No fizzy drinks 



^^^ The worst



No popcorn <- Although if you get it salted it’s not terrible



And no Ben and Jerry’s melted core or whatever it’s called



There you go



That’s how my cinema trips look



Nothing complicated Just waistline controlling, socially situated nutrition ;)



Tom ‘Surely the hulk would be hiding a morrow?’ Kynaston



PS. No real PS on this one



We’ve got a trial week for Fitness Camp starting on the 1st of June with very limited spaces now



You can apply for one of them here -> 



This will genuinely be your last chance if you’re looking to make changes in time for summer



I would love to help get you to exactly where you want to be!


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