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Cambridge Bootcamp

Not again... 28/1/16
Cambridge Bootcamp

One thing that's particularly noticeable around this time of year is people getting

ill right?

And one thing that really grinds my grizzle... to the point of it actually upsetting

me a little

Is the 'I'm ill again, it's just that time of year' attitude

Almost an acceptance of a permanent state of less than optimal health right

Cos granted we all get ill sometimes... of course!

But regularly picking up common coughs and colds, just because 'everyone else

has it' shouldn't be the norm

If you started 2016 with a goal of 'losing weight' and you're starting to dwindle a little, then it's time for a mindset change

From now on I want you to focus your attention around building a strong, resilient and healthy body

And I don't mean strong as in bulging muscles and looking like a bodybuilder

- I mean strong to fight illness

- Being able to lift your own bodyweight

- Improving muscle imbalances and posture

- Being able to perform at your best everyday - Physically and mentally

- Offset aging, increasing your metabolism and shedding bodyfat

Focus your attention around nourishing food types to fuel your day and give your body what it needs, not eating as little as possible

Focus your exercises around strengthening your muscles, torching bodyfat and promoting optimal health long term

I'll tell you the secret to losing WEIGHT right now if you like:

Eat as little as you can and do loads of cardio

You'll lose lots of weight for sure!

But your body-fat percentage will remain high, you won't look good for it, it's not healthy AND it's not sustainable

I honestly think I could stick to that for about a week

1 - Focus your attention around strengthening and nourishing your body

2 - IF (and that's a big if) it becomes necessary to control the amount of food that you're eating to get to a shape that you're happy with, then employ some means to limit calories

It really shouldn't be the other way round

Unless you want to keep getting ill all of the time, getting pissed off with your exercise and nutrition schedule and maintaining a yo-yo approach to getting into shape... forever

Ultimately it's about being healthy and HAPPY right (happy more so than anything else)

Is eating very little and jumping from treadmill, to cross-trainer, to stepper, to rower going to make you happy? (or healthy)


Focus on getting healthy first, results will come as a side effect of that. When/if they start to slow, then you can worry about how much your eating.

Ready to get take control of this once and for all?    

Drop me a message and I'll see if we can help you out.

Tommy K

PS. I'll probably get ill now after writing this won't I...

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