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8 simple ways to eat less - 24/6/15

How much we put in our mouths matters A LOT when it comes to getting into shape!

Exactly WHAT we eat is at the top of the list of importance

But how much we eat, also plays a significant role in losing fat

Eat more calories than you’re burning and you WILL put on weight

Here are 8 quick and simple things that you can do today, to put a firm ceiling on your calorie consumption:

One - Drink more water – Dehydration can often be mistaken for hunger. Drink one litre of water per 4 stone of bodyweight daily. Go for bottled mineral water if possible.

Sip water constantly throughout the day and down a glass before each meal

Two – Consider implementing an intermittent fasting schedule. 

There’s different ways to do this, but basically you limit the amount of hours you eat during the day. 16 hours off/8 hours on works the best in my opinion. 

e.g. - Don’t have your first meal until 12pm and have your last by 8pm.

Intermittent fasting also provides other health benefits to the body and a more positive hormone balance. 

There are certain supplements that you should be taking when doing this also. Just to minimise any muscle breakdown and keep your metabolism firing.

Look into it before you do it.

Three – Consider taking Konjac. Konjac is an insoluble fibre that ‘sits’ in your digestive system and keeps you feeling full (until it ‘passes’), so you naturally eat less.

Again look into it properly before taking it.

Four – Consider reducing portion sizes. 

Keep portion sizes simple to monitor. Use your fists as a reference, e.g. one meal equals a fist size portion of protein and filling the rest of the plate vegetables.

Eat more slowly and don’t feel obligated to clear your plate.

Don’t throw the leftovers away though! I can’t stand seeing people waste food. Save them for your next meal/snack.

Five – Consider losing a meal. This one could be tied into the fasting. One less meal with an average of let’s say 500 less calories… 

Theoretically there’s 3500 calories in a pound of bodyweight. So over a week that’s going to equate to 1 lb in bodyweight lost.

^^^ That doesn’t take anything else into account though. Insulin sensitivity, body composition, hormones… It’s a very ‘scratch the surface’ way to look at things.

Six – Brush your teeth straight after dinner. This will certainly discourage you from eating anything else.

Seven – Maybe a little controversial this one… Chew gum!

Obviously chewing gum can be artificially sweetened and/or flavoured but I’m sure you could find a natural one If you looked hard enough.

I chew gum quite a lot. I view it as almost essential if you’re working with people for long durations.

You wouldn’t want to work a stinky breathed trainer would you!?

Eight – Find something to do! 

Sitting on the couch for 3 hours every night after work and watching T.V. is all well & good if that’s what you do to relax. But it leaves the mind open to think about food, a lot!

Find something to do with your hands. Use your imagination… 

Do origami, play cat’s cradle, whatever!

(^^^ Those suggestions take me back, haa)

Just occupy your mind so it’s not constantly fixated on the fridge.

There you have it!

8 Simple things that you can EASILY do to watch how much you’re eating.

Remember that it’s quality over quantity though… Every time!

Tommy ‘Quantify’

(^^^ Sounds like a superhero ;)

PS. Like I mentioned; you need to be eating more calories than you’re burning in order to get back into shape

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