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Cambridge Fitness Bootcamp

What We Do... 15/7/15

We're often asked what we do at Fitness Camp...


My short answer - 'We get you the best results we can in the fastest and most sustainable way possible'


However, I'm aware that people are usually delving a little deeper into the PROCESS rather than the OUTCOME. So I figured I'd put this quick video together.


Let me take this time to quickly outline what we DON'T do at Fitness Camp:


- We don't do wet and muddy


- We don't do much running (OCCASIONALLY a few sprints to finish a workout, with alternatives offered if necessary)


- We don't make an example of anyone or get them doing exercises in front of a crowd


- We don't make people do exercises that they don't feel comfortable to do, or get them working through 'pain'



** What we DO**


I would best describe what we DO as 'Cardio Strength Training'


We follow our proven training and nutrition system 'XR-2.5' to get you the fastest Weight Loss, Fat Burning and Muscle Toning results we can.


We work your muscles effectively whilst keeping your heart rate up; using body-weight and 'functional' training equipment.


We also utilize elements of HIIT (High Intensity Interval Training) if you want to get fancy.


- We offer progressions/regressions to people as necessary


- We allow people to work at there own pace


- We provide a friendly and safe training environment


- We provide accountability and motivation as necessary, to ensure that you get the results that you're after


I understand that people are generally training with us for a result and not for the sessions.


But just in-case you're wondering, this is how they look!


We also have lot's of fun doing all of this... genuinely!



** NOTE **


Please bear in mind that I'm not someone who insists on filming everything our clients do.


These videos have been put together over a year and a half!


Our clients our with us to train at the end of the day, not to be recorded.


However I do feel that in the age that we live in, we do need a little exposure every now and then. Just so people remember what we do...


- I never film close ups


- I never tag people


- I never focus attention on people that I know don't want it


The only person that knows who's who in the video is the person being filmed.



We are a Group Personal Training Program



Click here to apply for one of the last few spaces on our FREE trial week at Camp - Starting on the 27/7/15




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