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Cambridge Bootcamp

Chicken's for girls... 1/12/16
Cambridge Bootcamp

No this isn't a new marketing campaign for Yorkie...

More so me just trying to shed a little light on something I hear fairly


Usually along the lines of:

'Which protein powder should I get? Because I don't want to get

really muscly'


'Should I get a woman's protein powder?'

So firstly, let me say this...

Protein is protein!

Eggs, chicken, yogurt, whey... it's all protein

And it's certainly not sex specific

One thing to understand with the food industry, PARTICULARLY the sports supplement industry

Is that 90% of what you see on T.V. or read on the packet is MARKETING

Cereal adverts drive me insane!

Telling people what they want to hear, in a bid to (successfully, more often than not) get them to buy their products

So just because a protein powder has a picture of a girl with a flat stomach on the front, OR a man doing a bicep curl

The content inside will vary very little

A few things that do vary however

And more so between brands than targeted audiences

The amount of sugar, artificial ingredients and overall quality

But I can point you in the right direction on that.
I know what you may be thinking...

'Why are you telling me about protein powders, that's the last thing on my mind'

The point that I'm really trying to get across is that T.V. etc. has IMMENSE power to get you to buy what the company's want you to buy

Touting benefits along the lines of:

- low fat

- lowers cholesterol

- whole grain 

- high in fiber

Any little benefit that they can almost fabricate in order to make their product sound more healthy than it actually is

Ever noticed how it's always 'in part with a balanced diet and healthy lifestyle'

Do you not think that the health benefits would be noticed more so as a result of that, rather than from consuming their products

In a nutshell; you'd be best off pretty much IGNORING all mainstream advice when it comes to what to eat and how to exercise

MOST of it is to get you to buy something

(A bit of a broad statement I know. But one to be taken into account more often than not and CERTAINLY when it comes to adverts in the media)

Keep it simple!

- Base your meals around protein

- Eat less junk

- Learn how to train effectively and do it consistently

Ignore over hyped quick fixes and 'next big things' when it comes to getting back into shape

If it were as easy as simply taking a protein powder to 'get bigger' or taking raspberry ketones to get lean, then we'd all be in great shape right?

Look at the bigger picture!

Any effort that you make is only ever a small piece of the puzzle. It's the compounded effect through repetition which is when the magic happens.

And like it or not, it's going to take some degree of a lifestyle change in order to get and (more importantly) STAY in a shape that you desire to be.

Just stick at it! :)

-Tommy K-

PS. We have couple of spaces open for our 8 'Total Transformation' programme starting next Monday.

Click here if you'd like to apply for one ->

I know it seems rich me pitching to you after what I've just said but bare this in mind...

1) I live this... everyday! I'm passionate about what I do and helping people in their mission to gain a better understanding of what it ACTUALLY takes to get back into shape.

2) I sell results! I'm not trying to sell products and hype them up with a list of benefits that may or may be true. 

I'm pretty much trying to get you to buy into my lifestyle right?!

So I'm with you on this, everyday!

Leading by example, everyday!

It obviously takes some work on your part...

But if you're prepared to do what need to be done, then I PROMISE you that we'll get their together.

So IF (and only if) you feel ready, to finally take control, then fill out the form...

Have a great day :)

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