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Cambridge Bootcamp -

Got Crabs... 10/6/15




I want to share a quick story with you today…

It’s one that’s thrown around quite often actually when it comes to being successful

So I’m not going to pretend that I’ve made it up

(^^^ That’s success in any area btw: body, career, life. Whatever)

My story telling skills leave a lot to be desired, so bear with me. I’m no Jackanory!

Here goes:

‘There’s a man walking along a pier at the beach, let’s call it Hunstanton

He notices an old chap sitting in a chair, crab fishing

They start to talk

Man notices old chaps crab bucket, with no lid on and a crab about to escape

He points this out to the old chap, as he wouldn’t want him to lose a crab

‘Watch’ says old chap

As the crab gets close to the top of the bucket, just a pincher away from freedom…

Another crab reaches up and pulls him back down into the bucket prison.’

OK, so my story telling skills are almost non-existent!

But the message here is clear:

‘People can be far too quick to pull you back down, if they see you’re doing well’

Crabs, naysayers, energy vampires

Whatever you want to call them

‘Non-believers’ who feel it necessary to criticize what you’re doing

Common advice from the ‘success coaches’ is to minimise contact with these people

I believe that’s a little extreme

Could be work colleagues, friends, maybe even family

The people that you love

But even if it’s not intentional 

They could be hindering, or maybe even stopping you from achieving your goals

All you need to do is block out the negativity

Let it wash over!

‘You don’t need to do that’

‘What are you eating that for?’

‘You’re obsessed’

Sound familiar?

And absorb the positivity

‘Well done’

‘I’m proud of you’

‘You deserve it’

Want to know why A LOT of people fail at the whole weight loss thing?

They have no-one to genuinely believe in them!

Want to know what to do about it?

(This is actually one of the ‘secret reasons’ that we’re so powerful)

At Fitness Camp we have an entire ARMY of people to believe in you!

All like minded

All with the same goals

All encouraging 

And no crabs!

And you have me of course!

It’s a powerful combination!


I can understand that.

So come and see for yourself

It’s the precise reason we offer a free trial week;

To come along and give it a whirl under no obligation

We’re not for time wasters though

Which is why it’s necessary to have an application approved and pay a refundable £15 deposit, prior to getting a place secured

Just click here to apply ->

It starts on the 29th of this month

Be the shelled soldier that gets over the edge

I would LOVE to help you out!

Tommy ‘Crabby’ K :)


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