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Ceri-Ann's results with us so far... 18/6/15



Drum roll please!



Dadadadadadadadadada... (Or whatever a drum roll sounds like)




Ceri starting training with us in June 2014, after finding her current weight loss plan wasn't really 'doing the do' for her



We're all so proud of her for just how far she's come with us, no messing around with this one!



An offical Fit Camp Wolf!



(^^^ Just a little thing we have going on atm ;)



And let me tell you really quickly what I especially love about Ceri-Ann...



(Besides her being a great laugh and an awesome client to get along with)



She accepted what had to be done!



Any advice that was given, she followed



She asked questions when neccessary.



But she didn't need her hand holding



She didn't need nagging or spoon feeding.



She took it upon herself to do the required work



No excuses



No looking a magic pill, secret food type, or miracle exercise



Just accepted the way it was



Followed our (multiple time proven) workout and nutrition guidelines for the majority of the time



Still had nights out with the girls, drinks, meals out etc.



Just did what needed to be done for the MAJORITY of the time



And let the results speak for themselves



Say no more.



At Fitness Camp we have the exact systems in place to replicate these results time and time again



And we do!



All you have to do is follow the plan



We're certainly not for people as listed above though



We're not a miracle cure



We're not the next big gimmick



We do however provide you with EVERYTHING that you need to know



To get you (and keep you) in the exact shape that you desire to be in.



As quickly and as effectively as possible!



So many times I hear other local solutions claiming to be 'results driven' etc.



With no proof of results!






You can view the real results that we get people here on this very website



And they're just the ones that are good enough to share their success stories with us



So if you feel that you're someone like Ceri



Someone who can commit to themselves to 3 short 45 minutes sessions a week and a few nutritional guideines



Someone who's serious about making changes to the way they look and feel



Someone who's not going to be searching for an excuse every week as to why they can't make the sessions



Then I would love to hear from you



We are literally so close to being full right now though



Especially our evenings



And I don't mean full as in 'being busy'



I mean full to the point of having to turn people away until we



A) Open another location






B) Open another time slot




Neither of which are going to be happening immediately



Click here to apply for one of the last few spaces on our free trial week - Starting on the 29th of this month (June)






I would love you to be the next Fit Camp Wolf!



Tommy Transformation :)

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