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Sack off nuts... 13/10/15

No this isn't a male hate campaign...

More so a quick snippet on a solution I find myself offering quite frequently

And that's only if people AREN'T getting the results that they desire

(if you're tracking and making good progress then don't overcomplicate things)

1 - Watch the amount of nuts that you're eating

2 - Watch the amount of fruit that you're eating

See whilst each of these food types are healthy,

If eaten excessively they can certainly hinder your progress and even go as far as to negatively effect your body composition

Nuts contain alot of fat

(Which ISN'T a bad thing btw)

However fat is high in calories (9 per gram) so if you eat ALOT of nuts, then you're total daily calorie consumption is going to be fairly high

(Nut butters are an even easier way to bump your calories sky high)

Fruit contains varying amounts of sugar. Some fruit more so than others.

And again whilst the fructose in fruit (along with the fiber, water etc.) is natural and OK in small amounts.

A large amount of it, particularly from high sugar fruits can again bump your total daily sugars up and contribute towards halted progress.

So just a quick bit of advice if you feel like you're doing everything as you should be and not achieving the results that you desire...

Consider reducing (or at least monitoring) the amount of fruit and nuts that you eat.

Tom 'nut lover' Kynaston

Cambridge Boot camp
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