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10 Fat Fighting BBQ Tips 16/4/15


He’s been good to us the last few days hasn't he…

Mr Stephen Sun!

So good in fact that he led to me flippin’ the lid on the old steel can and getting my bangers out

So I figured I’d jot down some really quick; simple and easy to use tips, to keeping the waistline trim whilst firing up this summer.

It’s all well and good offering you long recipes and lavish meals suggestions,

But if you’re anything like me then sometimes you just want to ‘GSD’ (Get s**t done)

So here are 10 quick things to consider, that will make a big difference to the way your body looks. 

Particularly if done on a regular basis.

Here goes:

1 ) Make your own burgers – 

Combine 1 pack (400g) of decent (grass fed) beef mince with 1 large OR 2 small diced onions, 1 egg and a bit of seasoning. 

Mix it together in a large bowl and mould it into 4 burger patties


2 ) Buy decent quality sausages – Debbie’s and Andrew’s, Harrogate, 97% pork ones are the best I’ve come across. 

And you can get them from Tesco, so they're nice and easy to find.

3 ) Make sure that the rest of your meat is the best quality you can afford.

No need to go crazy organic on everything, but at least free range where possible. 

A good rule of thumb – If it’s got a high fat content, then make sure the quality is the best you can get.

Dietary fat is not a problem! 

It is however where a lot of the nutrients (or toxins depending on quality) are stored, so quality matters.

Be sure to buy grass fed beef!

4 ) Don’t eat bread!

I can’t stress enough how beneficial removing bread from your diet will be. Try to forget it exists.


- Replace wraps with large lettuce leaves

- Bake large portabella mushrooms and use them as a bun

5 ) Also do your best to avoid other unnecessary carbs – Avoid eating pasta and potatoes

Just have salad instead

6 ) Use reduced salt and sugar tomato ketchup - Really easy swap that one!

7 ) Drink soda water over ice and fresh lemon & lime instead of fizzy drinks.

^^^ Almost the definition of refreshment that. 

And it saves from getting attacked by wasps due to sticky lemonade face 

If drinking alcohol just add a little vodka to the mix. Avoid cocktails!

8 ) BBQ Apple halves for afters. Tastes so good!

9 ) Eat plenty of salad and drink plenty of water – More is better!

10 ) Exercise portion control – Know how much you are going to eat do your best to stick to it.

There you have it

10 Easy peasy tips that you implement this summer to keep the good times firing and the bad times down.

Making these changes in combination with sticking to our proven workout sessions at Feel Fit Fitness Camp, will absolutely be the best way to get back into shape this year.

We’ve got a trial week coming up on May the 4th with just a few spaces left.

Summer is getting seriously close now! 

So if you’re looking to make changes to the way you look in time for the hot season, then this will probably be your last chance.

I would love to help you out!

Click here -> 




to apply for a place

And I'll get back to you within 24 hours

Tom ‘Hot meat’ Kynaston 

PS. I’m off to Mexico next week

Combined Birthday and Christmas present from Senorita Coop

^^^ Perhaps she’s a keeper! ;)

So you probably won’t hear too much from me

You can still contact me via email though

And I’ll get back to you as soon as I can

Probably best not to call if you can help it though

Be expensive!

And don't worry if you're already a Client...

I'll still be keeping an eye on your results and ensuring you make the sessions ;)


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