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Cambridge Boot camp

Cambridge Boot camp

Goodbye my lover, goodbye my friend.. 31/7/15

Please tell me that you read that in a squeaky James Blunt voice...

I loved that track as it happens!

Anywho, the subject line is a serious one

We lost a great Fitness Camper last week, alas!

There was genuine sadness from the group (including myself)

I like to think that that's what we've become

A unit that experiences actual upset with losing one of the team

Kasey was going home (flying back state side) so had no choice but to leave

She really didn't want to though!

Here's the thing...

We have a lot of people that come to Fitness Camp

'Dip their toes in'

Come to SOME of the sessions

Never really apply the nutrition

Never really apply themselves

And then leave for (I guess) something else

When they don't get the results they wanted, from the work they didn't put in

(Searching for the magic pill perhaps)

And then we have people like Kase!

Who come along

Become a valued member of the group

Cement some solid relationships

Nurtured by the Fitness Camp Family

We see them getting stronger

Gaining more confidence

Getting great results

And then feeling genuinely sad about the fact that they have to leave

It pains me to lose a client like that!

One of the BIGGEST things that you can do to help yourself stay committed to an exercise program is to BECOME A PART OF SOMETHING

A group that misses you when you're not there

Celebrates when you are

Recognizes and congratulates you on your accomplishments 

And calls you out on your BS when you're not performing at your potential or missing sessions (that's me btw ;)

Ready to step up?

To become a part of something much bigger than just an 'exercise class', 'gym membership' or 'slimming group'

Something that actually get's results (providing you do the required work)

Something to look forward to and feel a part of

We're here for you!

-> <-

Tom 'Emoshe' Kynaston

PS. Kase gave me a card when she left, tugged on the heart strings a little

I know that she won't mind me sharing it with you...

And I'd like you to hear what she had to say:

I know you're probably reading this Kase, so a massive thank you for your efforts with us!

Keep in contact :)


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