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Bootcamp Cambridge

Bootcamp Cambridge

Are you having a laugh... 17/7/15

** There's some free recipes at the bottom of this email. You'll have to read all the way through to get them though... That's the condition ;) **

We went to the junction for a comedy night on Wednesday eve... Me and the Coopling.

Paul Chowdhry - You know him right?

Lot of race related jokes.

Hilarious as long as you take him with a pinch of salt... The exact way comedy should be taken!

^^^ Life is for laughing!

Enjoys a Nandos aswell it seems (who doesn't), as he was sat a couple of tables down from us

Truth be told, I wanted to see Rob Beckett but the tickets were sold out

(I take alot of comfort in being in the company of someone with teeth bigger that my own)

But the Chowd is certainly on par!

Anyways... Half way through the gig a couple right in front of us got up and walked out

And got a hard time for it obviously

They were randomly wearing Christmas jumpers for some reason... He soon picked up on that!

(Surely they must of known what they were letting themselves in for before they went in...)

But it got me thinking...

You can't cater to/be liked by everyone

And the more you try to do so, the more you'll cater to no-one in particular

This is the exact reason I'm always very specific about the sort of people that should train with us

(I wouldn't want us wasting each others time)

This is what our Fit Camp clients practically always look like:

- Female (we do have 2 men though, they keep me company...)

^^^ Not like that

^^^ And I think they secretly like being out numbered

- Between 25-50 (or there abouts)

- Wanting to lose weight, burn fat and tone-up (more so than anything else anyway)

- Don't have endless hours to stress about counting calories or guessing at what they should be eating/doing in the gym

- Don't want to be running around in muddy fields

- Want the most 'bang for their buck' in terms of results

- Don't take themselves too seriously/up for a giggle

- Prepared to apply themselves in order to see results. Fed up with the way that things currently are and getting pissed off with all of the mixed messages on what actually works.

Here's the sort of people that don't really suit what we do:

- People that expect overnight success - Not prepared to accept that change requires change

- People that ask for advice and then take zero action upon it

- People that turn up yawning, constantly checking their watch and generally looking like they want to be somewhere else & bringing a bad energy/negative vibe.

Let me be clear...

I currently LOVE the people that we have at Camp!

An amazing group that gets amazing results and that are obviously suited to what we do or they wouldn't be with us

No crabs!

Do you tick the right boxes?

Want to experience the vibe for free?

We've got a trial coming up a week on Monday (the 27th of July)

Where you can experience exactly what I'm talking about, learn all that you need to know to get into GREAT shape and get some real results.

We've had people lose up to 9lbs on our trial week before

You'll have to be quick though! There's just a handful of spaces left...

Click here to apply ->

(Please note that your space is NOT secured until your refundable deposit has been paid. Once your application is approved a link will be sent to you to lock in your place)

Tom 'can't be for everyone' Kynaston

PS. Here's those recipes I promised 


Have a great weekend

PPS. Been loving Lee Mack recently also, check him out if you don't already know who he is


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