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Bootcamp Cambridge

Bootcamp Cambridge

Let's bury these rumours... 19/8/2015

I've mentioned before that I end up doing a lot more 'office work' in this job than I thought I ever would

When I worked in a commercial gym as a P.T. talking to people was my 'marketing'

I thought I would be throwing weights around forever and chin wagging forever

But then I got out on my own in the big bad world and I've had to learn A LOT about letting people know that I exist

So I spend alot of time glued to my computer

Sometimes in my pants when it's hot... 

With my glasses on...

Strong look!


When I'm working, sometimes I'll get sucked in... like pwwoper involved!

And I'll pretty much forget to eat, all day!

And it kinda got me thinking about a couple of 'myths' that people get mixed up in when trying to get back into shape:

1) If you don't eat small meals every few hours then your body will enter starvation mode...

Not true!

If you go a few days without eating then yes, maybe

But small gaps of fasting have been shown to provide numerous health benefits

As well as the obvious weight loss from calorie deprivation

2 times it is important to get protein however (or BCAA's if you skip breakfast)

- breakfast

- after training

After that don't worry too much if you're meals aren't all at the exact same time every day

The other one!

2) Eating after a certain time in the evening will cause you to store fat

Tell me this...

How many more calories do we burn sitting on the couch watching Eastenders

In comparison to being in bed

Not many right?!


So unless your pre-bed ritual is running marathons, then the difference between sitting and laying will be pretty marginal

One thing you don't want to eat to close to going to bed however is carbs

As elevated blood sugar levels leads to a decrease in Human Growth Hormone release

^^^ A hormone that's secreted whilst you sleep and during states of fasting, beneficial for fat loss

This emails already gone on longer than intended

Just don't sweat the small stuff

Focus on what you're eating rather than when 

And be consistent


Tom 'nerd alert' Kynaston

PS. You've got until Friday to get on board our next trial week if you'd like a place

I'm thinking of stopping doing trials pretty soon, so if you've ever wanted to try us out then now would probably be a good time

Just click here to apply ->

Also from now on, once an application has been approved you have 24 hours to pay the £15 refundable deposit to lock in your place

Or we'll have to offer it to someone else I'm afraid

Otherwise it get's almost impossible to monitor how many people we actually have signed-up

And being as we're inside, our spaces our limited

Have a great day! :)

Tom Kynaston - - 07852994625

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