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Boot camp Cambridge

Check out this transformation... 28/7/15

Check out this transformation from Fitness Camper - Emma 'The Hunt'


















^^^ Pretty awesome right

(Emma's been with us since January)

You know how proud I am of you if you're reading this Emma! :)

You know what else is cool?

These results have been achieved in a completely sustainable and health IMPROVING fashion.

No BS crash dieting or extreme calorie deprivation.

You want to know why diets solely based around calorie deprivation DON'T work long term.

There's no focus on preserving muscle mass

Let me rewind for a second and hit you with a few stats:

- Gaining one lb of muscle mass will have you burning up to an extra 50 calories per day doing nothing (the heart needs to beat harder to supply said muscle with blood, thus burning more calories)

- Likewise losing one lb of muscle will have you burning up to 50 calories LESS per day

Imagine if you lose 10 lbs of muscle due to extreme calorie deprivation.

You'll be burning up to 500 calories a day LESS! 

Then when you go back to normal eating (because no-one can stick to those crappy diets long term).

Bam! You put it all back on in a heartbeat

^^^ That's yo-yo dieting in a nutshell 

I'd also like you to consider this little nugget of information:

- There's 3500 calories in 1 lb of bodyweight...

So if your body is burning 500 LESS calories a day. 

Then you'll be putting on up to 1 lb of fat EVERYWEEK

^^^ Pretty undesirable right?

You want to know what to do about all of this?

1 - Make sure that you're basing every meal that you eat around Protein 

2 - Train your entire body every week with exercises that challenge your muscles (resistance training)

That right there, is basically all that you need to do in order to preserve muscle mass

Then comes the finer details

- Exercising some degree of portion control (not counting calories!)

- Finding yourself someone to hold you accountable to your workouts and results

- Doing the right exercises at the right intensity

- Healthy fats

- Nutrient timings

- Which carbs to eat

- Hormones

- Finding a supportive and motivating group

- Guidance

But don't worry!

I can help you with all of that when you're ready

For now...

If you're training for weight loss, muscle toning and the way you look


Stop doing solely 'cardio' exercise...

That includes treadmills, cross-trainers, rowing machines, cycling, jogging etc.

They all do the same thing

And stop solely focusing on how much you are eating

Focus more attention on the content...

That's basing every meal around a good quality source of protein and eating less carbohydrates

Have a great day!

-Tommy Transformation-

PS. Nothing here to offer you as such 

Our next block at Fitness Camp is now underway, so you've got a few weeks wait if you'd like to get on board with us

We do actually have a couple of Personal Training slots that have opened up, but that's not something I tend to offer out much nowadays 

That review competition is still ongoing though 

Juts click here and follow the steps to leaving us a review ->

And I'll enter you into our comp to win £100, with two runner up prizes of a free month at Camp

You don't have to of trained with us

You can simply review these emails if you like

Just be sure to mention it

On that note

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There's an unsubscribe button at the bottom of every one of them

Feel free to hit it

I'd hate to be clogging up your inbox with spamage


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