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Why woman SHOULD lift to get big for fat loss 7/5/15

Reason numero uno…



Because they won’t!



Hear me out on this one, I promise it will be beneficial






Sorry I’ve been really pants with my emails recently



The holiday to work transition wasn’t an easy one



Plus I had a friend’s birthday this weekend just gone



On top of being ill and trying to play catch up with my work at the same time…



Please… Cry me a river!



Anyways enough of feeling sorry for myself



I want to talk today about why woman should lift to look like a bodybuilder



^^^ Again hear me out, it will be worth it



Here goes:



One of the first things that I want you to know and remember when it comes to getting (and more importantly staying) in shape is this:



The amount of muscle on your body is the ONLY thing that will ever lead to an increased basal metabolic rate (BMR) on a permanent basis



BMR is how many calories your body requires a day to function – Your metabolism!



So the amount of lean tissue on your body is the only thing that has control over this.



Here’s how it can work in your favour:



If you increase a pound of muscle across your entire body (which would be visibly unnoticeable) you would burn up to an extra 50 calories a day doing nothing… Sleeping!



^^^ Sounds good right?!



Just imagine if you increased 10 pounds of muscle across your entire body



And lost 10 pounds of fat



You’d weigh exactly the same (You can see why weight can be misleading)



But you’d have a much more toned physique and would be burning…



Wait for it…



Up to 500 extra calories a day!



Doing nothing!



So you can see why muscle and sustainability go hand in hand



But you don’t want to get big do you?!



I can understand that…



What woman would?



The thing is… You won’t!



Women have around 10x less testosterone than men do, which makes it 10x harder for them to gain muscle



Do you know how hard it is even for men to put on a bit of lean size?






Not to mention the amount they have to eat!



(The idea with fat loss is to be in a calorie deficit - eating less than you’re burning. The complete opposite to substantial muscle gain which requires a calorie surplus)



Also they’re training would be completely different



But I won’t bore you with the details of that right now, it sort of goes beyond the scope of this email



I’ll cut to the chase



In order to get in the best shape possible you should be doing full body resistance training



Resistance = Weight



Bodyweight is a really good place to start!



Coupled with basing each of your meals around a good quality protein source



Protein is responsible for maintaining (even gaining a little) muscle mass



Add to the mix, short rest periods & cardiovascular interval training and you’ve got the base of a solid (and sustainable) fat loss program



We call it ‘Cardio Strength Training’



And our healthy eating plan is designed to work holistically in part with our training protocols



Here’s why diets based around counting calories and cardio alone don’t work… Particularly long term



-You don’t work your muscles



-You don’t eat enough protein



-You lose muscle mass and consequently your BMR slows down



-You put on fat more easily as a result of your body requiring fewer calories to function



-You weigh less, but look & feel worse with a higher bodyfat percentage



Make sense?



Do let me know if there’s any confusion at all



I’d love you to be crystal clear on this as it will help you immensely






Listen, you could have a guess at all the right exercises to do



And all the right food to eat



Or you could just come to our next ‘weight loss workshop’ that starts on the 1st of June



That will be when all of these ‘speed bump’ bank holidays are out of the way



And we’ll be plain sailing together to summer



It’s free and we’ll show you everything that you need to know over the course of a week



To get…



And stay…



In the best shape of your life!



Just click hear to apply for a place ->



Tom ‘We make this easy’ Kynaston


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