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Something that I remember my driver instructor used to say to me all the time

That and the fact that she used to feed me loads of Polo’s

Maybe she was trying to tell me something

Anywho I’m going waaay off topic already!

I want to tell you a little secret today…

A ninja tactic if you like; when it comes to training & motivation

It’s actually called the 4 minute rule

And no it’s not how long I have to last until I beat my personal best 


But it does have a lot to do with physical activity

See I don’t always feel like training

In fact sometimes I REALLY CAN’T BE BOTHERED

And I’m sure you sometimes feel the same way too right…

But there’s a little something called the 4 minute rule which can be a lifesaver…

Let me paint the picture:

You’re having a bad day for whatever reason

But you somehow manage to drag yourself to training

(Missing it will ALWAYS make you feel worse!)

And here’s where the magic happens…

By the time you’ve done a warm-up and completed your first set

You’re firing on all cylinders

You’re ‘in the zone’

And that’s all there is to it…

That’s the rule!

Nothing complicated about it

You just get started and the rest will follow


You know what consistency is right?

Knowing that you’re not always going to feel like doing something…

And doing it anyway!

Accepting what has to be done and just doing it, regardless of what else is going on in your life right now

Get that right and you’ll make big changes to the way you look and feel very quickly

Or you could just do ‘fitness’ when you feel like it, but you’ll have a loooong journey ahead of you my friend

I can help you out A LOT with this

Just click here to get me fighting your corner ->


Have a great weekend!

Tom ‘minty fresh’ Kynaston

Boot Camp Cambridge

Only a fool breaks the 2 second rule...

Boot Camp Cambridge
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