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10 Fitness Commandments, are you doing these? 11/04/2014


When it comes to getting into shape we all need to follow guidelines!


In this post I aim to outline the 10 Fitness commandments…


10 things that you should always consider if you’re serious about getting and staying in the best shape of your life:


1)      Be consistent – You probably get bored of hearing it (especially if you know me ;) ) but this one is so important. Be consistent throughout the good times, the bad times and the times in-between. This one takes the top spot!


2)      Get comfortable with being uncomfortable – Another one anybody that knows me will hear me say a lot. A lot of things in life are comfortable; it’s the uncomfortable things that lead to having things worthwhile. If you want to be EXTRAordinary you need to do the things that others aren’t prepared to do. Do what’s hard and get used to never taking easy options, you will always feel much more self-satisfaction knowing you did what was difficult.


3)      Accept that it’s not always going to be your favourite – When it comes to food and exercise don’t expect to passionately like everything. It’s the stuff that you don’t like so much that is generally going to do you better. When you do the things that you don’t like more often, the things that you do like taste and feel even better!


4)      Don’t believe you’re different – ‘I’ll always be overweight’, ‘I’ll never be able to do that’, NOT TRUE! Sure genetics play a part in your success and some people can genuinely eat what they want and stay in shape (ggrrr). But if you consistently do what you know you should be doing IT WILL HAPPEN!


5)      Seek expert guidance – Yes getting to your ideal shape and size is about eating right and doing more exercise, but do you honestly know what works? All exercises aren’t created equal, it’s important to know that your efforts are going to effective. Get clued up on what works so you don’t just end up spinning your wheels.


6)      Don’t keep doing something if it doesn’t work – The fitness industry is a wash of conflicting information. Some people tell you one thing, T.V. another, gym staff another. Take advice from people that have a proven track record of results, and if it doesn’t work for you then move on to something else. Don’t fall into an exercise rut out of habit, DO WHAT WORKS!


7)      Be patient – Although results can happen pretty damn quickly if you’re doing everything as you should be, it’s not going to be overnight. If you’re making consistent, positive progress then be proud of yourself! Nothings more motivating than knowing what you’re doing is working. Continue with your consistency and let time do its thang.


8)      Surround yourself with like-minded people – You’re never going to make it work if all you ever hear is ‘you don’t need to do that’… ‘Come on eat normal stuff’. People really dislike it when you’re doing something that they’re too lazy to do themselves. Surround yourself with people than genuinely care about you and your results, minimise interactions with naysayers and non-believers (energy vampires)


9)      Know you can do it – I know you can and so should you! It’s simple… Not necessarily easy, but simple. Again nothing worth having is easy so persevere and it will DEFINETLY happen! Be a believer. Write down what you want, put pics up around the house of where you’d like to get to, make and meet regular goals and tell people where you’re going to get too. Make yourself accountable and don’t let people down on your promises.


10)   Take action – Work your butt off! Knowing information is useless, practical application is when the magic happens. Don’t just know what you should be doing, live and breathe it. Be prepared to make sacrifices and work your butt of if you TRULY WANT IT.


I hope this helps...


Make a plan and stick to it until you get what you want. By the time you’ve mastered what works you won’t even have to think about it anymore!


Have a great weekend!


Committed to your fitness success!


Tom Kynaston